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Clean-Trace Protein Plus_P

Swab test to rapidly assess the level of contaminating food residues on food contact equipment and surfaces after cleaning has taken place. Based on an estimation of surface protein residue, Pro-tect® gives an indication of hygiene levels with a colour change result.

Technical specifications

Kit features

  • Ready to use
  • Rapid
  • No interference with most common sanitisers
  • Storage at 2-25°C
  • Easy interpretation of results
  • No equipment needed
  • Quality Assurance tool


  • 50 or 100 tests

Sample Kind

  • Surfaces, equipment

Time test

  • 10 minutes


  • Green indicates a Pass result – Clean, No further action required
  • Grey indicates a Caution result – Re-rinse
  • Purple indicates a Fail result – Re-clean & Re-test


  • 10 months


3M Cleaning Solution

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