GES00 is a reliable, intelligent, simple and efficient electrolyte analyzer. The intuitive software, all-in-one reagent pack and the easy-to-use auto loader offer automated electrolyte testing with minimal hands-on time and excellent performance. The suitable choice for laboratories that wish for better electrolyte testing experience.


Technical Specifications


  • Reliable: direct ion selective electrode method, new reagents with long stability, multi-point and one-point calibration, excellent testing performance, robust system with long uptime
  • Intelligent: whole blood, serum, urine (diluted), other Smart calibration and QC program, smart reagent management program, auto rerun for abnormal results, smart system diagnosis
  • Simple to use: All-in-one reagent pack, 7-inch LCD touch screen, intuitive software with friendly UI, one-touch maintenance operation and ready-to-use maintenance reagents
  • Efficient: up to 100 samples per hour, minimum sample volume at 80 µI, low reagent consumption, low maintenance frequency and an Auto loader with 32 positions.


  • K+, Na+, ci-, iCa22+, tCa22+, Li+, pH


  • 100 samples/hour


  • One or multiple points


  • Whole blood, serum, urine (diluted), other

Sample Volume

  • Minimum 80 μL

Electrolyte Reagents

  • All-in-one reagent pack
    Urine dilution
    3-level QC