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COMPASS® Listeria AgarThe COMPASS® Listeria method allows the detection and enumeration of Listeria monocytogenes and Listeria spp. in human food products and environmental samples.

Technical specifications


  • Reliable Validated method by AFNOR Certification according to ISO 16140 standard and formulated to the NF EN ISO 11290-1/A1 and NF EN ISO 11290-2/A1 (Ottaviani Agosti Agar)
  • Performance Absence of secondary enrichment and excellent selectivity of COMPASS® Listeria Agar for reading and optimal enumeration
  • Simple and economic Easily adaptable to all laboratory organizations: – Use of Half-Fraser Broth for both detection and enumeration protocols – Enrichment and agar may be conserved for 3 days
  • Quick Negative screening in 44 hours and confirmation of L. monocytogenes in only 6 hours
  • Easy Clear distinction between BLUE colonies WITH halo of Listeria monocytogenes and BLUE colonies WITHOUT halo of Listeria spp.


  • 500gr. bottle, 20 & 120 plates and 6×200 ready to use vials

Sample kind

  • Human food products and environmental samples

Test time

  • 24 hours for detection or enumeration


  • Blue color with and / or without halo


Compass Listeria
Compass Listeria Agar Enumeration

Approvals / Certificates

Certification Compass Listeria