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Symphony agar method allows the enumeration of yeasts and molds in all human and animal food products regardless of their water activity. It can also be used for the control of environmental samples in production areas. In the case of water samples, they can be analyzed by membrane filtration using this media..


Technical specifications


  • Reliable Validated method by AFNOR Certification according to ISO 16140-2 : 2016 standard
  • Performance Selective detection of yeasts and molds for all types of matrix. The medium’s selective system alongside with its pH adjustment inhibit most bacteria contaminants
  • Easy Clear distinction between yeasts and molds colonies
  • Quick This method allows the enumeration after only 54 hours instead of 5 days with standard   methods NF ISO 21527-1 and NF ISO 21527-2.
  • Simple The substrate does not need any supplement. Biokar offers all possible packaging solutions including dehydrated medium, ready-to-melt media and pre-poured media


  • 500gr bottle, 20 plates and 10 x200 ready to use vials

Sample kind

  • Human food products, animal food products and environmental samples

Test time

  • 54-72 hours


  • Yeast: pink color colonies with defined edges
  • Mold: different size and color colonies with irregular edges


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Symphony Technical Sheet


Afnor Validation (french)

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