Manufacturer: 4-lab-diagnostics


Real Time PCR GMO Detection Kit with amplification control Test system for the qualitative detection of 35S promoter and NOS terminator in DNA obtained from fresh and processed samples for human and animal use by PCR Real Time

Technical specifications

Kit features

  • Ready to use reagents
  • Ready to use master mix. User adds only DNA
  • Mix Test with duplex inhibition control
  • Suitable for the most Real Time instruments
  • Positive, negative and amplification control
  • “Ct” range is indicated for interpretation of results
  • Results at 140 minutes


  • 50 & 100 tests

Sample kind

  • Fresh and processed samples for human and animal use

Test time

  • Test execution (10 samples)… approx 2 hours 10 minutes
  • Results analysis… approx 15 minutes


  • GMO Screening Kit Real-Time allows the detection of transgenic DNA in 25ng of total DNA extracted from Dried Soy Bean Powder (standard IRMM ERM®-BF410b) containing 0.1% of RoundUp Ready® soy bean. By mixing DNA extracted from 2 standards (IRMM ERM®-BF410b and IRMM ERM®-BF410a) and analyzing 25ng of this mixture, the kit has demonstrated a sensitivity up to 0.01% of RoundUp Ready® soy DNA.


  • 24 months