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Milk with high economic value is commonly adulterated with milk from species of lower cost. This adulteration is especially important for cheese makers, due to unknown milk mixtures produce changes in the final sensory properties and reduce the product quality. Besides, pure cheese cannot contain milk from other species.

RC Bovino is an ELISA test to detect the presence of cow’s milk in sheep’s milk or cheese and in goat´s milk and cheese.

Technical specifications

Kit features

  • Non-competitive ELISA test

  • Qualitative or quantitative test

  • High sensitivity and specificity

  • Samples extraction not needed


  • Kits of 96 and 960 tests (1 and 10 plates)

Sample kind

  • Milk and Cheese

Time test

  • 1.30 h – 1.45 h


  • 0.01 % of the mixture in milk
  • 0.5 % of the mixture in cheese


  • Photometrical reading at 450 nm


  • 6 months


RC Bovino

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MSDS Technical Bulletin Validation Report RCB