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LEGIONELLA SPP REAL TIME DNA DETECTION KIT allows the quantitative and qualitative detection of the Legionellaceae DNA discriminating from the other bacterial species DNA that are normally present in the same biological habitat.

Technical specifications

Kit features

  • The PCR Real Time reaction detects a specific and preserved DNA sequence of the Legionellaceae family. The amplified fragment is detectable in real time through fluorescence generated by hybridization probe marked with FAM fluorophore. In each reaction is present an internal DNA control that amplifies with the sample and it is detected by hybridization probe marked with JOE fluorophore, to avoid false negative results.
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Detection
  • Ready to use reagents
  • Mix Test with duplex inhibition control
  • Proficiency test (FAPAS-LEAP)


  • 50 or 100 reactions


  • Up to 5 UG of the species belonging to Legionellaceae family

Sample kind

  • Environmental samples


Legio spp_EN Rev002d

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