Manufacturer: zeu-lab


e-reader-pantallaE-READER is the simplest and less time-consuming method for antibiotics detection in milk. A multi-residues analysis that detects more than 30 substances in a single assay and complies with EU MRLs. E-READER works with Eclipse where the assay is incubated at 65ºC, controls assay time and reads the results in an automated way. E-READER saves time, allows the best test performance and avoid interpretation mistakes.

Technical specifications

Kit features

  • Multi-residue analysis for detection of more than 30 substances in a single assay
  •  Autonomous system that simplifies the test
  •  Determines the optimal test endpoint with automatic stop
  •  Interprets results and save data in memory
  •  Complies with EU MRLs
  •  Guarantees the best sensitivity
  •  Adapted to farmers, slaughterhouses, industry and laboratories


  • Cow, sheep and goat milk

Sample kind

  • Cow, sheep and goat milk

Time test

  • Almost 3 hours


  • LCD screen


E-READER and Eclipse New

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