Manufacturer: biokar


COMPASS-BacillusThe COMPASS® Bacillus method allows the enumeration of presumptive Bacillus cereus in human and animal food products within 24 hours.

Technical specifications


  • Reliable
    Validated method by AFNOR Certification according to ISO 16140 standard and the reference method NF EN ISO 7932
  • Performance
    Specific detection of B. cereus group including strains weak in, or negative for lecithinase production with an excellent recovery of vegetative and spore forms
  • Easy
    Characteristic GREEN color colony and excellent inhibition of secondary flora
  • Quick & Economic
    Detection and enumeration within 24 hours on 1 plate without confirmation


  • 500gr. bottle, 20 plates and 10×100 ready to use vials

Sample kind

  • Human and animal food products
  • Test time
  • 24 hours


  • Green color


Compass Bacillus

Approvals / Certificates

Certification Compass Bacillus