Atropos has more than 20 years of experience in microbiology, in sectors as:

  • agro food industries
  • the pharmaceutical industry
  • research institutions
  • cosmetic industries
  • environmental laboratories
  • education

We offer a full range of dehydrated or ready to use culture media, with the corresponding reagents and supplements. Our supplier Biokar Diagnostics has developed an original range of chromogenic culture media for a wide range of pathogens named Compass (AFNOR validated) available in both prepared and dehydrated formats.

The high performance and reliability of the products result from the converging expertise within the SOLABIA Group, particularly in the area of protein hydrolysates (peptones) which are essential growth constituents of any culture media.

The range of our media is high and in different formats such as dehydrated media, ready to use tubes & vials and ready to use plates.

Every microbiological media is according to European Norms and every batch is accompanied by Quality Certificate and MSDS.

Purpose of Biokar Diagnostics is to develop reliable and simple methods, validated by AFNOR in order to have quicker and better results. Of course Biokar Diagnostics produces media according to ISO methods so to cover every laboratory demand.