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Aqua Coliform3M Petrifilm is a unique technology for ready to use microbiological testing. Petrifilm Aqua Yeast & Mold Count Plate is for the enumeration of Yeast & Mold in bottled water.

Technical specifications

Kit features

  • Compact size
  • No media preparation
  • Less quality control
  • Less waste, reduced cleaning
  • Better productivity of the lab
  • Ability of water direct inoculation or filter use


  •  100 or 1000 tests

Sample Kind

  • Bottled water

Time test

  • 3-5 days


  • Red colonies regardless of size or color intensity


  • Yeasts: typically indicated by small, blue-green colonies with defined edges and no foci
  • Molds: indicated by large, variably-colored colonies with diffuse edges and dark center


Aqua Petrifilm Broch